"...yea! I'm TOTALLY the space princess"

Intergalactic Space Princess is a hyperactive adventure game about mistaken identity and roaming across the galaxy. You play as Meline, the sassy 14 year, who finds herself on a (pretty boring) quest to gather milk. Mysteriously Meline finds herself in a strange dimension and is confused for the REAL space princess. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? That’s just the beginning… and what starts off as a quest to find milk quickly turns into a mission to get her family back…

IGSP is a comedic episodic adventure game and features fast paced customisable mini-games. As Meline you can have a rap battle with your arch nemesis, Whitney, by quickly dragging rhyming words in to finish sweet rhymes for a rap battle. Also, a giant inter-dimensional space worm eats Meline and the player has to tilt their phone to avoid obstacles, which appear in the beast’s stomach. Not to mention you can stick googly eyes on tomatoes and escape giant space turds!

our team

Izzy Gramp & Laura Stokes.
Izzy predominatly works solo, working mostly on design, coding and art aspects of space princess. Laura is a currnetly doing law arts, focusing on writing, design feedback and everything else.


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We are currently in Sweden as part of a incubator called Stugan. You can find more information of our travels on our blog.